Thursday, May 17, 2012

The GMAT and Bad Grammar

We moved into our somewhat renovated house about a month ago. We moved into it before it was finished so we are living in a construction zone. Wonder what that is like?sband I will answer the most important question first. No we do not wear hard hats. We just live in only two of five bedrooms, one of two kitchens, one of two living rooms, and one of two bathrooms. Half of our house is semi demolished and needs new flooring and paint. We don't have baseboards or door casings or doors hung up for that matter. The garage is an unorganized pile of tools mixed in with unpacked boxes and other useless things. the yard we wanted is a jungle of dry and poky weeds. Turns out renovating isn't as fun as someone thought it would be nor as easy as it looks on HGTV.

Husband was working on it when he got off work until late at night. Because we were living with his parents about 45 minutes away, I never got to see him. One day I went to the house to help and Husband decided that we were moving in. After we moved in, Husband decided that living in a safety hazard was OK and that studying for the GMAT was more important. So the GMAT has taken over our lives and I have nothing to share with you about my house or the improvements that have been made. 

Someday, after I learn how to measure for a door casing and operate a chop saw to get mitered corners....and after I learn how to replace electrical outlets and light fixtures and light switches...and how to hng doors and get things painted, I WILL post pictures of before and after.

Until then, I don't havr a computer with internet.  It is one of those things you do to save money to spend it on the house you are working on. Even when you are not working on it. i am using my phone ( and burning my hand) to write this. So I excuse myself for making typos, misspelling words, and having improper grammer.

When I am able to post those before and after pictures I will do so with better English skills.