Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tie Tee Shirts

Isn't that little kid super cute? Yeah. I made him. Isn't the little tie shirt he's wearing cute? Yeah, I made that too. ;)

When Jaden was little, I made him a few tie onesies. I found several applique tutorials online, created my own tie template, and went to town! He grew out of them, and I forgot to make new ones. Ok ok, I didn't forget. I just didn't like my tie template. I am not good at drawing. At all. Anyhow, one day I was looking through my forever long list of saved to-do projects, searching for one to get done and cross off. I came across this tie tee tutorial from Saltwater Kids. There is a picture of a big-kid tie tee and a little-kid tie tee & I was inspired to make one for Spencer and Jaden. I thrifted a white shirt for Spencer's, but couldn't find a suitable shirt for Jaden's. So I made his using a tee from a package of Hane's white tee's I bought at Target. The smallest size they had was 2T, so I guess he'll be wearing it for a while. Good thing it's cute!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Photographer in Training

Remember how I graduated in April? One of my graduation gifts was a dSLR camera from my dad. I had talked with him about how I wanted to be able to capture better pictures of my kids & how Jaden is just too darn fast for the camera I had. I'd press the shutter button & by the time the camera decided to take the picture, the image I wanted would be gone. I also talked with him about wanting to be able to take my own pictures for my Etsy. I found a used camera I felt would do on our classified ads and mentioned that maybe Dad could talk Hubbie into buying it for me if they went in together. Well, Dad decided to go ALL out and get me a great camera & a bunch of extras.
It has been a wonderful gift! I've been able to get some great pictures of my kids and the stuff I made.
Here are some pictures of my kiddos.

And here are some examples of the improvement in my product pictures.


and then:

I am SO very excited to learn more about photography. I've been reading books and articles almost every day. I need to get out in the world and practice the things that are floating around in my head - and I will. As soon as I'm over whatever sickness it is I have at the moment. Ug. Until then, I'll just be making some sweet stuff and taking pictures of it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tuxedo Ruffled Baby Duvet Cover

This chic duvet cover was inspired by one I saw at Urban Outfitters. The smallest one they have at Urban Outfitters is for a twin bed. I thought some of their stuff was pretty sweet & became determined that such sweetness should be enjoyed by girls who sleep in smaller-than-twin beds. So I made this.

I refashioned an old pink sheet with polka dots into this tuxedo ruffled duvet cover. It will fit over a standard-sized crib quilt & closes with ties at the bottom opening. Fraying at the edges of the ruffles is intentional - I've finished the edges so that the entire ruffle can't fray.

This is currently for sale in my Etsy shop.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crocheted Newsboy Hats

These are the newest beanies to be offered by Petit Lambie. I just adore them! I made the brown one for a friend who just had a baby boy. I instantly loved it the moment I put the final stitch in the tab detail. When I showed it to Hubbie, he actually said "That's awesome!" and wanted Jaden to have one for this coming fall/winter season. Can-do'sville, Babydoll!

These are now for sale in my sweet little Etsy shop.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Catching Up

My husband and I recently became college graduates. (April 29th is still recent, right? Two months-ish isn't long compared to the years we spent accumulating credits, writing papers, completing group projects, and making presentations.) As if graduating wasn't awesome enough, we got to do it together. Even though I graduated from the School of Humanities and he graduated from The Woodbury School of Business, we were able to walk in the same ceremony. Sweet!

What is next in our lives? Having a fantastic summer with both of our boys! I'll be crafting, sewing, crocheting, managing the househould. Hubbie is preparing to take the GMAT & deciding which school he wants an MBA from. Right now, I think the next thing in my life is going to bed.