Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tie Tee Shirts

Isn't that little kid super cute? Yeah. I made him. Isn't the little tie shirt he's wearing cute? Yeah, I made that too. ;)

When Jaden was little, I made him a few tie onesies. I found several applique tutorials online, created my own tie template, and went to town! He grew out of them, and I forgot to make new ones. Ok ok, I didn't forget. I just didn't like my tie template. I am not good at drawing. At all. Anyhow, one day I was looking through my forever long list of saved to-do projects, searching for one to get done and cross off. I came across this tie tee tutorial from Saltwater Kids. There is a picture of a big-kid tie tee and a little-kid tie tee & I was inspired to make one for Spencer and Jaden. I thrifted a white shirt for Spencer's, but couldn't find a suitable shirt for Jaden's. So I made his using a tee from a package of Hane's white tee's I bought at Target. The smallest size they had was 2T, so I guess he'll be wearing it for a while. Good thing it's cute!!


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