Saturday, November 19, 2011

Possibilities Maximus

I have my computer back!! Our computer's name is Max. I have missed Max, oh! how I have missed him. For the past few weeks, I have been working on our netbook named Mini. Mini's name is very descriptive of her screen. Miniature. A mere 7.5 inches I think. Yeah. Mini. Max, however has a comparitively humungous screen and all of the brains I need. He has my shop design, my product pictures, my photoshop and room to store all that stuff. I haven't blogged using Mini because she just doesn't have what it takes. Sad. But Max is back! Glad!!!

Anyhow. Remember how I said that we were going to close on our short sale house purchase within 30 days? And that we had superbly lucked out with the time frame of this house? Well, we haven't been as lucky as we thought we were. Short sales are famous for bank stall tactics. And stall they did. While we still won't have to wait six or nine months to close on our house, it has taken longer than we expected it to. It hasn't been all that bad. It took us a while to get a renter in our condo & to decide that this house is really what is best for us right now. We've been staying with Husband's parents, and we've been able to save more money up than we thought we would be able to. The only real downside is that I had to buy a new set of crochet hooks (mine are burried in storage) and I've had to use Mini for a few weeks. I have Max back (have I mentioned that I am so very glad about that?) so now I can blog and edit pictures and crochet and be happy during this inbetween houses waiting time....that will end December 6th -ish.

I say 6th-ish because we're planning to close on December 6th. But we're also planning on renovating the entire house. Little by little. Except the flooring and the wall colors. We are going to replace all of the floors and paint the entire place before we move in. Yay! actually....YIKES. I might not have all the crochet and blogging time I want. I might be going crazy trying to decide between carpet, wood, or tile and what paint colors in which rooms.

We went to Home Depot tonight to look at some options. Did you know the options are limitless? Have you ever been entirely overwhelmed by possibilities? I just don't know where to start. I thought I knew what I wanted. I saw it on Pottery Barn for the living room, and on for the kitchen. And then I get to Home Depot and get dizzy with a combination of alzheimer's and anxiety. We went from talking getting the countertops refinished with some paint kit thingamajig to considering granite in almost an instant. I thought I had to have wood flooring in the kitchen, but now I might want tile. White cabinets or off white? Black or brown glaze? What is that color in that picture? Why is that stuff too expensive?

One good thing did come of our trip to Home Depot. We got one of those color swatch booklet things that has like a million colors in it. And now when I see a color I like online, I can find something similar and not get distracted by the endless possibilities.


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