Monday, October 3, 2011

Mondays are Saturdays

What a weekend!

I did my first family photo shoot.

It was exciting to be able to take pictures for someone else. This family is really a ton of fun to hang out with, so taking pictures for them was a great experience.

We went to the BYU football game. BYU won. In the last few seconds of the game. The fourth quarter was so very exciting. I don't remember having cheer-screamed that much in my entire life. Seriously. My jaw hurt. I'm surprised I didn't wear my voice out. We had SO much fun! Thank you friends who gave us free tickets!! 

My husband spent the weekend fixing cars. Mine has been acting up more than usual lately. It seems that we have problems with it every fall. They are usually minor, but still costly in mechanic fees to repair. This year we were concerned that there was something majorly wrong. Roxy has been running a bit rough. Hubbie ran his little gadget & found out that the 5th cylinder of the engine was misfiring. Yikes! to whatever that means. He was determined to figure the problem out himself, with some advice from a friend. And figure it out he did. He's so smart! He moved the spark plug casing from the 5th cylinder to another one, ran his little tester gadget again, and found that the problem had moved. Ta-dah! He just replaced the casing stuff and voila! it was fixed. It was under $100 to fix, for which we are very grateful!!

Here we are on Monday, and it feels more like a Saturday. I'm still in PJ's as I write this. I always wear PJ's when I have to clean. And since I was busy this weekend...I didn't really clean. No wonder it feels like Saturday!


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That second photo is really fabulous - what a brilliant blue sky!

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