Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Stripes

Sometimes I can't sleep. Trying to figure out how to reorganize everything, thinking about where all of these random bits of stuff and junk we have should go, wondering about what would be the best fit keeps my brain buzzing at night. The other night, my mind was playing this mental Tetris game - Olympian style, and I was up all night. So, to take my mind off organizing, I decided to crochet while watching some show I had never heard of on Netflix. This is the creation that came out of my insomnia.

I like it! In my stash o'yarn I had this orange color. I am not usually a big fan of orange. I can handle it in small doses. I think the brown and the ecru really help mute the orange a little bit and make it not overwhelming. I think it looks just right for fall.


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