Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lovin Me Some Minky

It was love at first touch, me and minky. I was at a quiltig shop in Orem, looking for inspiration for J's first baby blanket. The moment I laid my fingertips on it I fell for the incredible softness & wished I could just cuddle with it all night long. I could just imagine snuggling a sweet baby in softness and being in love with both my little lamb and the blanket. So I made lots of minky blankets.

I know, 4 is not equivalent to tons and bunches, or even lots. But I have plans to make more. Oh do I ever. And to take better pictures of them. My particular favorites are the pink damask and the dinosaur ones. The prints are flannel and the backs are minky - extra specially cuddly! Another one of the best things about minky blankets is that they are warm and lightweight without being bulky. Perfect for keeping little ones cozy this fall and winter.


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