Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Cutest Little Things

I finally learned how to crochet some cute little booties! These are baby Mary Janes. I think they are adorable with the little button at the end of the strap.

They are also the first pair I ever made. I wanted to document how well this experiment turned out for me. Usually my first attempts are pretty miserable. Like my first attempt at steaming an artichoke. I set the stove on fire. The second time I tried to steam an artichoke, I melted the pot on the stove. I haven't tried that experiment again. But I did make some more booties in a more girly color. Mary Janes are more of a girl shoe. And pink is a more girly color than brown. These came out even better than the first pair.

Love them! I think these little things are possibly the cutest thing I have ever crocheted.  


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