Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Old Desk and Mackinac Island

Have you ever been to the Mackinac Island Grand Hotel? I haven't been there, yet. Mackinac Island is one of several locations on my dream vacation list. I have heard that life on the island is simple and peaceful and that visiting the island is like going back in time. I have seen pictures of Mackinac Island, and the Grand Hotel. It has this wonderfully long and lovely porch.

And the porch has a painted ceiling. Look at that beautiful greenish blue color. I just love it! That color has inspired me to attempt my first furniture makeover.

I found this little desk through our local classified ads for $10. It is the perfect size for a sewing desk, and it had some drawers for storing sewing stuff. Sweet!

The color? Not so sweet. Ug, in fact. So I went shopping for some paint to give this desk a facelift. Valspar makes a color that matches the porch ceiling of the Mackinac Island Grand Hotel. It is part of the National Trust Historic Paint Colors line and is called Hotel Mackinac Blue (#5007-9). Perfect!

Here is what my desk looks like now.

Ahhhh. Much much better! I love love love it. Replacing the handles made a big difference & really helped bring this peice out of being lost in the 70's and turned it into something contemporary. They were on sale for 99 cents, wohoo! I'm glad I have a ton of this color leftover. I have big plans for giving my entire craft corner a makeover. I have to acquire all of the necessary furnishings first, and do a little bit of rearranging (which means I get to do more furniture facelifts for S&J's room), and then I can get to creating my crafty space. I think my first attempt at refinishing went pretty well. It definately got me hooked and excited to do more!


Shelley Brown said...

oooo I love it! We should get together and refinish something! I love doing this stuff too!

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