Friday, September 2, 2011

Master Bedroom Update

You know how some houses come with those boring, basic, yucky light fixtures? My condo *ahem, house* came with those in every single room. They looked like this. Even in our master bedroom.

Yeah. Pretty drab. Not to mention dull. And not just to look at. This thing barely emitted enough light to see anything in our bedroom. We needed to have it and two lamps on just to have a relatively acceptable amount of light.

I have always wanted a chandelier. My obsession with them began when I was little. I grew up being the daughter of a contractor. I spent most of my time with my father and we were always in the hardware stores and on various jobs. The hardware and lumber stores were a pretty boring place to be. Nuts. Bolts. Pipes. Wood. Blech for a little girl! But there was this one store, Grover's. I loved going there. They had two good things for little girls to look at. Samples of formica and crystal chandeliers. Lots of them. My dad would go do whatever it is contractor guys do at stores like that, and I would just go gaze at the pretty chandelier and marvel at their sparkles. I begged for one just like little kids beg for candy at the checkout isle. Needless to say I never got one.

Hubbie and I often talk about the elements we want in our dream home. Some of the things on our list include: A private, fenced back yard. A two-car garage adjacent to the kitchen. A mud room. A dedicated laundry room. Dual vanities. A HUGE walk-in closet. Two living rooms. And a chandelier. It just isn't dreamy enough until we have a shiny, sparkly, crystal chandelier.

We're a ways off from obtaining the house of our dreams. But, I got a chandelier of my dreams!! We were in Home Depot (this is Hubbie's idea of date night sometimes) and I got bored looking at power tools and various other man-stuff. So I decided to go look at the lights. I want a nicer one in our dining area. And then I saw it.


Finally! Home Depot had something I truly wanted needed. Then I saw the price. $99.97. SOLD! Hubbie put it in the cart, we checked out, and took her home. He hung it up for me. And now, our master bedroom has a beautifully updated light fixture.

My life is now almost complete ;) and my bedroom is much brighter!!


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