Monday, September 19, 2011

TUTU Cute!

For the most part of last week, I was seriously obsessed with making tutus.

Are they not precious? I think these have got to be the most favorite thing I have ever created. EVER.

I made this one for fall babies

And when I say I was obsessed with making them, I mean it. Maybe consumed would be a better description. I just had to figure out how to get an idea to materialize into a reality. I have wanted to make baby tutus for quite some time now. A while ago, I learned to make a no-sew tutu. They are quick to make, easy to customize for specific tastes and occassions, and super popular. But I don't like them. The process of making a no-sew tutu involves cutting over 100 yards of tulle strips, then tying the strips around an elastic waistband. This method creates a very thick waistband and leaves the tulle exposed, which feels bulky and itchy. I suppose it would be fine if an infant were dressed in the tutu over a onesie, but that just wasn't my vision. Besides, it looks messy, and the knots often come undone. I just wasn't satisfied with the no-sew method of making a tutu and wanted to come up with a unique way to make one that was lasting, beautiful, elegant, and comfortable. So I began thinking and experimenting.

I haven't slept much over the last few weeks. My mind kept designing and editing my tutu concept. Once I thought I had it down, I created one, which led to more editing, designing, and insomnia. I finally came up with a method I was happy with and made a couple, just in time to see how they work on a wiggly baby instead of in my head. 

We went to Idaho to visit S & some other family over the weekend. I dressed my niece up in my creations and did a photoshoot. I am happy with the way my Petit Lambie tutus look! 

This one reminds me of a tiny little ballerina.

Lovely little embellishment

Tutus by Petit Lambie are made with 8-10 hand gathered layers of soft tulle hand sewn to a wide satin sash and embellished with a hand sewn rosette. The rosette is a removeable brooch that can be placed anywhere on the tutu, or on a headband for a completly customizable outfit ( this was an after thought, and I didn't get the most desireable elastic for a headband before I headed out of town to visit my little model. Headbands will totally match the tutus from henceforth and forever!)  There are no scratchy edges around the waist, as the band is finished inside and out.

Here are some cute pictures of my niece wearing Petit Lambie Tutus.

I have mad tutu making talent....not so gifted in the photoshop department. Oh well. You get the idea. The headband will match the tulle.

Gave up on the photoshop editing of the headband, lol!

Tiny dancer a la second

Tutus are now available in my Etsy shop!
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