Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Newsboy Hat - Girlified!

Crocheted newsboy hats are so cute! I used this one I made during a photoshoot of my friend's adorable new baby boy.

And then I thought that my nieces might want one to keep them cozy during the fall and winter season. So I girlified the newsboy hat.

Isn't that flower so much fun? I love how gigantic it is! I wish my little nieces were closer - I can't wait to see it on them.

Part of me thinks that maybe I want one to keep warm during the crazy cold weather we get here. Remember those flower ear warmer things from last year? I did make a few, but the top of my head got cold. I would love a flowered beanie to stay cozy during the bitter cold of Utah. I just might make myself one.


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