Friday, June 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning

In getting ready for summer fun with Spencer here, I did some spring cleaning. Last year NO cleaning got done around spring time. I was on bedrest, and then voila! 6 more weeks of cleaning prohibition followed by I don't know how long of no time to clean. This year, ther was no spring, but there was a lot of cleaning.

For example, the office/spare bedroom.


And Jaden's closet.


Everything feels so much better when all of the clutter is GONE. Did you notice how much more light let into the rooms after they had been cleaned? I felt like I could actually breathe and think and function in my house again. It was such a rush that I cleared out nearly every room in the entire house.

I recently read a book by Peter Walsh entitled Lighten Up. The main point of the book is that our homes are often a reflection of our emotional state of mind, and that our environment affects our state of mind. Clutter can be a symptom of an unorganized personal and emotional life, and it can be the cause of one. It is a vicious cycle. Walsh empowers readers with the ability to recognize the emotional attachment to stuff and coaches them through letting go. The most important impression made on me from reading this book was that material possesions can take time away from my family and prevent me from becoming the best version of myself. It takes time to clean up my house because it gets cluttered with stuff. It takes time to fold all my laundry. It takes time to maintain my cars. If I can reduce the time I spend taking care of my stuff, I can increase the time I spend with my family and on becoming a better person.

Spring cleaning is awesome!


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