Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Reflections

I don't think I can recall 2,011 things about the year 2011, mostly because I don't have a good enough  memory to recall that many things. My memory is just good enough to recall the best things about the last year. Read on for proof ;)

January commenced my final semester of college. Yay! I found a guilty pleasure in getting out of the house a few nights a week to attend classes and be in the company of human beings other than my little son and my husband.

In March, Little Son had surgery to open his clogged tear duct. We were constantly fighting to clear out eye goobers day in and day out until after the surgery. Bye-bye eye goobers, yay! And in April, Little Son celebrated his first birthday.

In April we graduated, WOHOO!! My parents came from Ohio to celebrate with us. My dad gave me my Canon DSLR camera & I began to learn about photography.

We celebrated our second wedding anniversary in May with a couple's massage and a dinner at a 5 star restaraunt followed by a long drive in a vintage convertible Corvette.

Oldest Son came to visit for the summer. My two boys just love love love each other!

Petit Lambie has grown. I started a Face Book page for it, and made some Etsy sales. Super excited about that!

I discovered Pinterest. Wowzers. My list of things that I would like to do someday has grown exponentially. I love Pinterest. Seriously. I am always impressed by the new ideas and creativity along with some sensible tips for almost everything. It is a wonderful community for sharing inspiration and knowledge.
 And then we decided to move out of our condo and purchase a house. I'm still not sure how that happened! Just like how I'm not sure how 2011 has come to an end so quickly. memory is good enough to help me remember that I once learned that Earth travels around the sun and spins on an imaginary axis and somehow time passes and voila! a new year begins. My memory can't help me understand how time passes so quickly. However much I can't remember or don't understand, I know that 2012 will bring many memorable experiences which I will document with my camera so I don't forget!

Things I am looking forward to in 2012:

Going to Disney World (a.ka. learning how to travel with a toddler -EEK!- but really, it should be legendary!!)

Finishing our house
Moving into our house
Working even more on our house
Posting some tutorials
Introducing new Petit Lambie products
Spending more time with more family.

Hoping your 2012 brings you blessings and happiness!


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