Sunday, January 29, 2012

One Decision Down

I have chosen the flooring for my house! Part of it, anyhow. This is monumental progress in my book. It took days and weeks of dreaming, looking, pricing, and dreaming some more to make a single choice.

The house had hardwood floors when we purchased it. Everyone wants those, right? The problem with the floors in this house is that the upstairs living room and hallway were done in a blood red cherry wood, and the bedrooms upstairs were done in a very light blonde bamboo. High contrast, right! And the transitions were done very poorly - you could see stripes of blonde bamboo at each bedroom doorway down the hall because they installed it up to the outside of the door jamb. We looked into what it would cost to just have them stripped and refinished to being the same color and found that it would be less expensive to replace it all.

This is the laminate wood we have decided to install for the upstairs living room, kitchen, hall, and bedroom floors.

It is called Marble Falls Teak. Had it fit in my budget, I would have liked to go with something a little bit darker and more rustic in walnut, but I really like this flooring. It was on sale and I had a coupon. Score! (Lumber Liquidators got the price even lower for us when Doug went in to negotiate with them) Definately an improvement from what was in the house when we bought it. Also an improvement from what is in there now. Though what is in the house now is a HUGE improvement from what used to be there. Doug has all of the floors ripped down to the subfloor. Believe it or not, the subfloors actually look better (and are much cleaner) than the floor that was there. Even so, subfloors aren't the prettiest. Those ugly subfloors will get covered up with new laminate flooring as soon as we get a fresh new coat of paint on the walls (or maybe 10 coats of paint...they desperately need it!)

Ug. I still have to choose paint colors. I've been looking for them for three months and haven't come any closer to deciding than the first day I began. But, stay tuned. I may eventually pick something out. Pinterest has given me many many ideas.


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