Friday, January 27, 2012

My Latest Addiction

I am usually the last one to get on the boat with technically savvy or popular internet things. Seriously. I was rocking the same cell phone for five years. It was an LG NV2 and I really really disliked it for the entire time I had it. It could do cool stuff (supposedly) but I never used any of the cool features. Well, it did read my texts out loud to me, which I thought was pretty funny and used quite often. But I never used the micro SD card to load music onto my phone (isn't that what an iPod is for?) I never used Vcast or Vnavigator. I didn't even do picture texting. I just used it for calling and texting. Nothing more. But I digress. I finally have a smart phone with a touch screen and a data plan, and I can use some of the cool features on it. I mostly use it for my latest addiction. (not really, it just seemed like a good transition sentence into what my addiction really is)

Pinterest. (well..and playing Jewels on my phone)

I totally love this website. I have found so many wonderful ideas and have learned a LOT from the knowledge that everyone is willing to share there. I've created several dream boards, and hope to someday get to actually making some of the projects I've pinned. So many! Seriously, my to-do list is as long as the Great Wall of China now ( I just typed the word 'seriosly' again. I seriously need to find another word to mean 'seriously')

The site has been really useful in helping me come up with affordable ways to cosmetically update my house. (You know, the one we bought and have been renovating, and haven't moved into yet. Oh? I haven't posted much on that lately? Woops. I guess I have been spending too much time on Pinterest!)

If you haven't checked Pinterest out, go! You'll find tons of stuff on the things you love and are interested in. It will get you hooked on dreaming.


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