Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Introducing Jaden

My littlest lamb. So sweet. Curious. He doesn't play. Nope, he investigates and tries to figure out the way things work. He has figured out the law of gravity, and that he can assist gravity in emptying our shelves. His day is not complete until he has pulled every last DVD and book off the shelf, and every tupperware container out of the kitchen cupboards.

Loves: Mama. Totally a Mama's boy. Daddy's rasberries. Remote controls. Cell phones. Especially Droids.

Doesn't like so much: Naptime. Getting his face washed. Bonking his head. Not being allowed to eat toilet paper.

Big blue eyes. Blondest blonde softest soft straightest straight hair. Big cheezy grin. Learning how to get around. This little scooter is working on learning how to run, not walk.


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