Sunday, May 29, 2011

New & Improved

Goodbye, old Whirlpool washer and dryer set. You were here for us when we purchased our home, ready and waiting to make all of our dirty clothes clean again. You did your job well enough, and I am grateful to have had you. Because of you, I never had to go to a laundromat. I never had to fold an entire week's worth of laundry all at once, or put it away all at once. The laundromat was part of my single days - I can't imagine having gone there for a week's worth of 3 people's dirty laundry. Ug! Thank you for saving me from that dread!

Hello, new Maytag front loading washing amazingness! We are able to have you due to an unfortunate event, but are happy to have you in the family. I can't wait to introduce you to all of my clothes!

Sadly, my husband's grandmother died a few years ago. Her husband (step-grandpa) recently passed away, and so my mother-in-law and her siblings have been taking care of the estate. We are the lucky recipients of Grandma Petersen's washer and dryer. As you can see, they are much nicer than the ones that came with our house. They are quite a bit larger than our old ones, and so we might not be able to put the utility area doors back on, but that is so alright. I am looking forward to using our new appliances and making our laundry room/guest bathroom look as spiffy as they are!


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