Monday, May 9, 2011


Here is a little introduction of my oldest son, Spencer.

Energetic. Seriously kinestetic - the kid has to be constantly on the move. It is as though he'll blow up or spontaneously combust if he sits still for too long. A ticking time bomb.

Funny. Humor is obvious to him and he can crack a joke at any instant. He can always make me laugh.

Loves: Ducks (he can identify most types of ducks). Fish. Motorcycles. Target shooting.

Doesn't like so much: Reading (though he's good at it). Homework (though he doesn't have much).

He has the brightest blue eyes and the biggest smile to go along with his personality of awesomeness. He has a sharp mind and a warm eart. He is proud to be a big brother and is the EVER. Story of cuteness demonstrating just what a fantastic big brother he is : He asked if he could share a room with Jaden. He's had his own room to himself all of his life and he wants to give it up to share with his little brother. Awe. Heart melter!

He is going to be much taller than me, but he'll always be my baby.


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