Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fun at Universal Studios

We went there. And I had lots of fun. There were things to keep everyone occupied. When everyone wanted to see a behind the scenes thing from Terminator, Jaden and I went shopping. I was able to see what I would look like if I were to color my hair blue. And how heavy it would be if I piled it all into a three foot behive. There was a hat store that carried character wigs. For a moment, I was a Marge-Jess hybrid.

I think it makes me look taller!

Jaden got in on the shopping action and got a cool new pair of shades in the super hero department.

And most of us got all wet on some rides. We went to the Popeye village place. There was a big boat that I thought Jaden would have fun in. He did. The most fun part about that boat/playground was that you could watch other park patrons ride in a circular raft down a man made river. And while watching them, you could squirt them with water. Mwohahahaha. So, I went on the ride. And I got wet. But not as wet as Husband and his siblings. They went on the Jurassic Park roller coaster. This is the splash they had to go through

And this is how they felt about it

I am glad I did not go on it. I would have gotten my hair wet. The rest of me was already wet from the river rafting ride. Had it been a warmer day, I probably would have gone on the river ride a few times, as well as the dinosaur water bomb ride. But, it wasn't a very warm day and I didn't want to be more wet and more cold. I guess I was saving that experience for another day.

I did, however, want to go here


I guess I am in to Harry Potter more than I thought I was. I haven't even seen the last few movies. Though, I have read all of the books. I was just so excited to go to the Harry Potter attraction, I was willing to stand in line for an hour to ride the ride. I had forgotten that I drank an entire 32 ounce Diet Coke before standing in this line for an hour. I had forgotten that my bladder is small....I don't know how I forget that. It should come as no surprise that I have a small bladder, but somehow, every time I have to go potty I am surprised at how often I have to go. Couldn't it just grow for about an hour? Are there any bathrooms anywhere close to where you have to stand in line for eons? No. So I just ran ahead to the single rider line and got on the ride as quickly as possible.

The ride was cool. It just about un-did my Dramamine (in addition to having a small bladder, I also get motion sickness in any sort of moving thing, unless I am driving. So I have to take Dramamine when I fly, and especially when I go to amusement parks. Dramamine makes me sleepy, hence the need to drink excessive amounts of Diet Coke to get my caffeine fix, hence the little bladder problem. I do not like this whole getting older thing) The coolest part about the ride was having a dragon blow fire in my face. And getting off of it before I threw up. Really, I don't know how Harry can ride a broomstick without throwing up.

The other highlight of the wizarding world? This stuff.

It is so delicious! I would go back just to buy some more.

We ended the night by eating here

YUM! and I write that very loudly. Because I had to say it very loudly. That place is loud. And fun. And yummy. Kind of like our day at Universal Studios.


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