Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Turners go to Africa {Bush Gardens, Orlando}

If you want a wild ride, go to Bush Gardens in Florida. This thing is crazy. I chickened out. I wanted to go on the safari kind of wild ride.

But Bush Gardens is not kid friendly. I read an article online that said so. The author of the article had a two-year-old and said there was nothing for her toddler to do at Bush Gardens. Other people commented on the article stating that there was in fact things for kids at Bush Gardens. So much commenting by other people that the others in my family were convinced that there would be something for Jaden. There wasn't. Bush Gardens doesn't really have any activities for children who are under the age of 3. They have to be 3 to go into the Kangaroo zoo. They have to be 3 to go in the kiddie playground, and they have to be 3 to go on the Safari ride.

However, there is a train tour of Bush Gardens that we could go on with Jaden.

This is how Jaden enjoyed the one thing he could do at Bush Gardens

He totally missed out! On our little train safari through Floridian Africa, we saw

Girraffes. I took this with my phone. I am pretty impressed that it could get this great of a shot!

There were other animals, too, but these were the coolest. Jaden and I spent most of the day shopping and waiting for the others to be done riding their rides.

If I had it to do over, I would never take a toddler to Bush Gardens. It is not at all friendly to kids younger than 3.


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