Friday, February 10, 2012

Turners Invade Orlando

My brother-in-law, Sean, is going on a mission for our church. In April, he will go to South Africa for two years to teach others about our faith. So my parents-in-law thought it would be a good idea to take a family vacation before he leaves. We didn't know about these plans until Christmas morning, when we were all handed a gift and told to open it at the same time.

This was Jaden's gift

This was Doug's gift

And this was my gift

There seemed to be a common theme....DISNEY!

Yes, indeed. Disney. But not Disneyland, as I had initially thought. DisneyWORLD. In FLORIDA. WOHOO!

I was beyond excited. I was exactly like the little kid who has his suitcase packed weeks beforehand in that commercial. Yeah. I packed. Several times. I was so totally excited to get out of the Utah coldness and into the warmness of Florida and to go to Disneyworld. My next few posts will be about the adventures we had over one week of family vacation. That way I won't be writing one very long post about it. And that way you'll keep coming back to my blog. (hehehe. that is the evil plan)


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