Sunday, February 12, 2012

Turner Invasion of Disney World {The Magic Kingdom}

Our memories began at The Magic Kingdom.

Jaden got to see the real-life version of his Disney Christmas character, Pluto.

Being in Florida was not as warm as we wanted it to be. It was a little overcast and slightly chilly. More like a Utah spring. But spring is better than winter!

Although, winter is the best time to go to Disney World. We went in the middle of January and there were no lines. For example, there was a zero wait time for Splash Mountain. The last time I went to Disney Land, Spencer and I stood in line for an hour and a half to ride Splash Mountain. In January? No line. We practically just walked right on. Three times in a row! Lines for other rides were longer, but I don't think we came across one that had a wait time much over 30 minutes. There were hardly any people there, which made it so that we were able to do everything we wanted at The Magic Kingdom in just one day. We ended it with the best fireworks show ever, and when we got back to our hotel, Jaden was out. This is how he ended most days of the vacation.


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