Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Inventory

Petit Lambie has grown so much this winter. I opened shop in 2010, and after one year I had only made two sales. When we moved out of our condo and into my in-law's, I didn't think twice about packing away my supplies and inventory. I didn't expect that I would need them. Then, suddenly, I had four orders in one week. FOUR! My business had doubled in one week, and I scrambled to obtain the supplies and materials necessary to create the items ordered, make them, and get them shipped in a timely manner. The next week brought more orders, and the next more and more. I am happy to have been wrong on this occasion and am grateful that my newsboy hat was liked by so many.

Petit Lambie is profitable enough that it funds itself now. Husband is especially grateful for that! And it has also done well enough for me to expand. I am happy and excited to experiment with new ideas and offer new products.

Here are some of the first new things I've added to my shop.

Basic Crocheted Beanies for Newborns

When I opened Petit Lambie, I was creating hats to be used exclusively for newborn photo shoots. However,  my popular newsboy hat was being ordered by mothers wanting their sons of all sizes to wear them for stylish warmth in the winter. So, I have decided to make photo props and hats essential for every newborn layette. Crocheted beanies. Simple. Stylish. Cute!

Basic Beanie in Sky Blue

Basic Beanie in Pink

Check out my Etsy shop for more colors & information. 


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