Monday, February 13, 2012

Turner Invasion Part 2 {Epcot & Hollywood Studios}

Ta-dah! The big thing that looks like a golf ball.  I always thought that the entire park of Epcot was inside of this big round building. I don't know what led me to believe this. Maybe because I thought the building was bigger than it looked in pictures and on TV. Maybe because I had heard that it was like going around the world, and since people usually mean Earth when they say 'the world', and since Earth is round, I thought that they had somehow made it so you could go around the world inside a round world-like building.

Here I am, about to find out that I was wrong about the giant golf ball
I discovered that there isn't a world in that building. It is a ride. A very slow one. An educational one. Not only did I learn that the world didn't somehow shrink into an over-sized spherical building, I learned that the phonetic alphabet was invented by the Phonecians.

I also learned that Disney had made little replicas of cities from countries around the world and you could pretend like you had travelled far and wide by only walking a few miles for one day.


Saudi Arabia


You can even go under the sea at Epcot. The highlight of the day for me was their Finding Nemo feature at Sea Base. Jaden just loves Finding Nemo. We watch it Often, the first words out of his mouth right after he wakes up in the morning are "Fish? Nemo?" That is his way of asking to watch it. I had the most fun watching him have fun!

Sea Base had a tank with two dolphins swimming around. There were also real live sharks! They were in a different tank. But they were big and mean looking.  That was as close to Sea World as we were able to get this trip :( They also had a little tank with NEMO! Jaden was so happy to see his little friend in real life.

Then we went to Disney Hollywood Studios. This street looks like something out of a very big, very crowded city, no?

It is just a movie set. Pretty darn tricky!

We arrived just in time to see a stunt car show. We got to see how chase scenes in movies are choreographed, executed, and filmed. It was pretty amazing. Stunt drivers are waaaay talented! They did some awesome stuff - including a car jump off the top of a semi-truck and a finale where the car jumped out of a second floor window into a wall of fire. Wow. We even got to meet Lightening McQueen.

While the older boys went on this ride

I went to see this show

Beauty and the Beast! The whole thing in 30 minutes. Like watching the movie on VHS in fast forward mode, but in real life. We - my mother-in-law, Jaden, and I- also saw The Little Mermaid, which was also a super speed condensed version. But, I got to see my favorite Disney Princess of all time. Ariel!!

Day two of our vacation was packed with tons of stuff. I traveled all over the world in just a day, ate some amazing Indian food, watched two musicals, and talked to Crush the Turtle. And it was warmer on this second day of vacation. No hoodies needed. Yay!


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